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Woven Monocoque™
The Woven Monocoque™ invention is an ultra-light vehicle structure that enables composite vehicles to be mass-produced cost effectively. Structural and aerodynamic optimisation can be combined to achieve efficient organically shaped vehicles.
Plastic vehicles
Woven Monocoque™ vehicles can be made from recyclable and recycled plastics. Large scale demand for waste plastic in vehicle production can reduce plastic pollution and kick-start the Circular Economy.
Cleaner air
Ultra-light combustion engine vehicles use less energy than battery electric vehicles. Battery electric vehicles need more power stations and increase demand for fossil fuel production.
Increased safety
Woven Monocoque™ architecture enables safer structures to protect vehicle occupants. Material is efficiently placed where strength is required. Woven prefers internal combustion engines for safety and reliability as battery electric vehicles have safety and data privacy concerns.

Ultra-light vehicles